Servicing all medical practices throughout the US.


Investigating a potential employee’s professional background to relieve any stipulations before hiring. This includes running their information by the exclusions list to see any past offenses.


Processing and completing paperwork required for health care providers to be in contract with insurance companies. We will discuss your options in taking insurance and brief you on the particularities of each for you to make the most informed decision for your clinic. 


Choose from using C3+ as your billing company or we can train your staff to do in-house billing. Either way we will ensure your billing, coding, and paperwork are being done compliantly while aiming to increase your collections percentage as high as possible. 

Aging claims is another aspect we can clean up for you, as well! Don’t let your hard-earned money turn into a write-off.


Coding improperly is one of the most common mistakes in a clinic and can really come back to bite you in an audit. C3+ will show you the exact description for codes and be sure you can implement them properly in treatment plans. Do not turn to colleges for advice and do not listen to a product’s manufacturer on what codes to billing for a service. 

Protocol Development

From hiring to training, front office to back office, day-to-day tasks; and to the extreme events seen in our clinics, having protocols in place and practicing them will empower your clinic to conquer your goals. C3+ knows each clinic is unique and will develop protocols for a streamline, autonomous office side-by-side with you.

Compliance Manual

Every office must have a compliance manual and it’s sensible to make yours as irrefutable as possible. Our standardized manual is a product that encompasses everything. Shaping our all-inclusive manual into your unique clinic’s handbook can be done on your own or we will help you step-by-step.


If it wasn’t written, it didn’t happen. Documentation determines your safety, patient safety, how you get paid, and how an office communicates patient care.  But how are you to write everything in a hard day’s work while working? C3+ will show you the letter of the law, listen to your clinic’s intentions, and help you develop fast and easy note taking to suffice all your documenting needs.

Simulated Audits

We aim to uncover compliance violations as would be found in a full or partial clinic audit, show you our resources information of the violation, and help you fix the problem. This includes sample file audits, clinic inspection, HIPAA and OSHA standards, compliance manual coverage, clinic protocol integrity, and so much more.

Staff Training

Properly training employees is how you develop a team empowered by knowledge, compliant by default, and out the door by closing. However, we often hire people to do jobs we are unfamiliar with ourselves. C3+ will train and cross train new or long-standing employees for clinics best results.

Practice Management

We are not a management company. We are a group of Medical Compliance Specialists who will listen to your goals and develop tools to help you achieve them. Our company’s goal is to allow you to focus on your patients, increase your profits, and streamline practice needs while giving you peace-of-mind it’s being done compliantly. You run a business, it does not run you.


Webinars and live seminars including Chiropractic mandatory board hours and Medicare documentation. Have fun getting the most up-to-date compliance information with the lovely Dr. Amy Wood.  Sign up for our Newsletter to receive alerts for future dates and guest speaker information.

HIPAA Training

It is your responsibility to train your staff yearly. Rest assured C3+ thoroughly teaches the latest information in our HIPAA staff training sessions. Not only will we take something off your to do list but strengthen your staff’s ability to protect your clinic and your patients’ information.